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We know that you want your lawn to always look fantastic. Unfortunately, we all know that that can take a lot of hard work, and in OKC…a lot of expertise. Our weather doesn’t always cooperate to allow us to have naturally good looking yards. So, it requires care to make sure that your lawn is free from weeds and pests. Professional lawn spraying in Oklahoma City allows you to take care of the problem with no effort and keep your lawn looking awesome all thru the year.

Year-Round Lawn Treatments

Most locals are going to attempt to treat their lawns on their own and a lot of times that doesn’t really work out. No doubt, your lawn needs scheduled maintenance and some TLC to stay healthy and look its’ best. But, we’ve seen enough applications go awry to tell you that lawn spraying in OKC is best left to the professionals.

Our company offers a multi-application treatment system that will provide care for your lawn throughout the year. Lawn spraying in Oklahoma City will include treatments that are either liquid or granules based on the need of your particular yard.

Treatment includes fertilizers and the nutrients necessary to restore and feed your grass in addition to a product application that is going to eliminate or reduce weed growth. Your lawn will look green and lush with on-going lawn spraying in OKC. Our treatments will give your lawn the look you want without requiring you to spend your days off from work, working out in the yard.

Some weed varieties may require a specialty treatment. These are generally hearty, difficult plants such as Nutsedge and Dallisgrass. Types of weeds like these can be controlled but may not be completely eradicated. Therefore, maintaining a regular treatment schedule will help keep these weeds at bay.

Specialty Lawn Services

We also offer a variety of specialty services in addition to our high quality OKC lawn spraying. These additional services come with years of expertise from our licensed staff and are available at reasonable prices. Soil aeration is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your lawn’s health. Your grass needs air for it to obtain beneficial nutrients from the soil — soil aeration accomplishes exactly that.

When your lawn soil is hardened and too compacted, the roots are not able to get enough food. Soil aeration is a way to remove plugs of soil so that the ground is better equipped to receive water and fertilizer. We use an aeration machine, which is used to remove plugs of dirt (or soil cores) throughout your entire lawn. It won’t be long until you will notice an improvement in the appearance and health of your grass.

Pests can often be a nuisance to your lawn. If this is the case, we’ve got you covered. Grub treatment is usually performed at the beginning of the season to prevent the grubs from taking hold in your yard. Are fire ants a concern for your family? These critters can ruin any family picnic. We’ve got products that will take care of fire ants and keep them away for an entire year. Wouldn’t you like to know that your family is going to be protected and safe throughout the year?

Additionally, our mosquito control service will rid your lawn of those irritating mosquitoes that seem to plague OKC every year, so that you can enjoy the spring and summer without bites and swelling. Our mosquito service controls them when they land on surfaces that have been treated. Some treatments simply repel mosquitos. Our service prevents the mosquito from breeding and biting so that they die out much faster.

If you’d like to learn more, please call us today to hear more about our yard treatments and schedule a time to get a quote!


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Lawn Spraying OKC | OKC Lawn Treatments
Lawn Spraying OKC | OKC Lawn Treatments

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