Fungus and Disease Control

Lawn Fungus and Disease Control OKC

No matter what you’ve tried, grass just won’t grow in a particular spot in your yard. If you’ve sown seed, placed sod, and spread fertilizer but none of it has produced the lush green grass you’re after, it’s possible that a lawn disease is preventing grass growth. 

OKC Lawn Spraying can identify and treat all the most common lawn problems, as well as those that are nearly unheard of in our area. By correctly diagnosing the problem, we will be able to appropriately treat it and produce the results you’re hoping for faster than any other lawn spraying company! 


Fungus and Disease Control

When a disease threatens your lawn, you have to act quickly. Otherwise it will spread quickly and take over your entire lawn. 

OKC Lawn Spraying has a fail proof system for preventing diseases before they start – or for stopping them in their tracks. 

  1. Preventative care in the form of fungicides, as well as regular inspections that will catch a lawn disease before it becomes a major issue. 
  1. Fertilizer for strong growth will make your grass more resistant against diseases. We recommend at least every 3 months. 
  1. Water, but not too much. Excess water opens your grass up to many types of fungus. 
  1. Mow to the correct height. For most grasses, 3-4 inches is an appropriate height. Any shorter than the recommended height weakens the blades.  
  1. Mow frequently. No more than the top 1/3 of the blade should be removed to keep the grass strong. Cutting half the grass’s height or more will expose it to diseases.

By following these simple steps, you can avoid the hassle of treating a lawn disease that will destroy your lawn. 


Common Lawn Diseases

When you know what to look for, you can spot lawn diseases quickly and get a pro out to take care of the problem faster. Here are some of the most common lawn diseases that we treat: 

  • Brown Patch – Affects both cool-season grasses like rye, fescue and warm-season grasses like Zoysiagrass. Brown Patch is extremely common, but treatments are abundant and effective. 
  • Powdery Mildew – Especially harmful to Kentucky bluegrass, but can affect other grass types. 
  • Fairy Ring – A circular patterns of mushrooms that can spread to be 30 feet across! 
  • Large Patch – Similar to brown patch in many ways and may need multiple applications depending on the size of the spot. 
  • Pythium Blight – Caused by too much water is present, especially common where seedlings are being watered. A harder lawn disease to treat.  

All of the above can be treated with fungicides or other specially designed broad spectrum products. If you’ve already begun to see signs of a lawn disease, it will take some time to clear it up and encourage grass to thrive in the area. You’re looking at weeks, even months, before the signs of lawn disease are completely gone.  

That’s why OKC Lawn Spraying recommends preventative lawn spraying. Regular application of these broad spectrum fungicides will keep lawn diseases at bay and keep your yard looking amazing!