Insect Control

Lawn Insect Control OKC

OKC Lawn Spraying targets the areas were bugs and other pests live and breed with our insect control lawn spraying services. 

In tall, thick grass and dense shrubs and plants, insects find protection from the elements and predators. In the meantime, they can destroy your plants while having the perfect hiding place to attack you or your home when you least expect it. 

Let us handle your insect control needs with products that are safe for your plants and grasses. We offer traditional and organic lawn spraying options depending on the customer’s preference, so you can feel good about protecting what matters most while still getting the most effective treatment possible. 


Reasons for Insect Control

Our lawn spraying services are guaranteed to reduce or eliminate the nuisance of insects in your yard. Your entire property will benefit from these services because insects can do all of the following: 

  • Kill grass, plants and flowers
  • Find their way inside your home
  • Harm your family and pets

OKC Lawn Spraying can prevent spiders, ants and other annoying creatures from getting inside your home where they are a much bigger hassle to get rid of! 


Insect Control Services

We offer different levels of insect control based on your situation. OKC Lawn Spraying will evaluate your lawn to make sure we’re giving it the correct treatment. 

Here are a few of the options we offer: 

Preventative Lawn Treatment

– Lawn spraying services that can be utilized before there’s a problem. 

Pest Removal

– When the little critters have already infested your yard – or when you’ve only seen one or two. 

Perimeter Care

– Want a line of defense against pests in your home? Cover the borders of your yard with this service! 

After an examination of your lawn and a brief conversation, any one of our pros can recommend the service that’s right for you! 


Insects to Avoid

Insects can be more that aggravating. They can also be deadly! If someone in your life has an allergic reaction to an insect bite or sting, the consequences could be severe. Even if no allergies are present, certain insects carry diseases than can take a toll on your health and can be hard to identify and, therefore, treat. 

West Nile virus, carried by mosquitoes, is one example. Lyme disease, brought on by tick bites, is another. 

OKC Lawn Spraying wants to keep you and your family safe by spraying for all of the following insects: 

  • Mosquitos 
  • Ticks 
  • Fire ants 
  • Mites
  • Spiders
  • Grubs 

While we can’t 100% guarantee against flying insects because they may not come into direct contact with the products we use, the instance of these creatures will be reduced as well. This includes Japanese beetles, lady bugs, bees and wasps. 

As a lawn care specialist, we know what’s best for your home and lawn. Caring for your lawn is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our extensive services. Controlling the pest population around your home is another much-appreciated service we can provide!