Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration OKC

Beyond regular mowing, fertilization and watering, your grass could be needing something else very important – room to grow! Lawn aeration is one of the many services provided by OKC Lawn Spraying that can improve the appearance of your lawn. 

Soil that has become compacted is not good for growing anything, whether its grass and small plants to larger shrubs and trees. Dense soil could be preventing your grass and plants from getting the water and nutrients they desperately need! 


Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of opening up holes in the soil. It is done with heavy equipment called spike aerators or slightly more sophisticated plug aerators. 

Spike aerators poke small holes in the soil, ripping the existing roots in the process. Plug aerators, on the other hand, remove a cylindrical plug of soil. This allows more room for roots to spread out and do less damage. Therefore, it is the professional’s preferred choice for lawn aeration. 

OKC Lawn Spraying recommends this service for customers with all of the following lawn conditions: 

  • A lawn that gets a lot of use – Areas where cars are parked or where children play can easily get packed down. If you want grass to grow, they’re going to need a little extra care. 
  • Lawns of newly constructed homes – In these situations, little or no topsoil is present most of the time because of construction. OKC Lawn Spraying can help get you pointed in the direction of a lush lawn! 
  • A lawn that has a buildup of thatch – Organic materials build up underneath grass or sod if they can’t be used fast enough. Thatch makes the ground feel spongy and affects the soil’s ability to retain moisture. 
  • Sodded lawns – Sod grass is more compacted than grass that has grown from seed, so it’s even more likely that you will need to aerate a sodded lawn. 


Aeration is important for several reasons: 

  1. Allows nutrients from fertilizers and plant food to reach the roots

Without lawn aeration, all the products you apply to your lawn will sit helplessly on top of the soil because they can’t reach the roots where they are most needed. 

  1. Breaks up compacted roots

Any plant, whether potted in in the soil, needs excess room to grow beyond the size of its roots. Your grass will thrive when you give it the extra space the roots need. 

  1. Promotes consistent moisture, whether natural or artificial

Whether you water your lawn every day or get the perfect amount of rain to keep it in perfect condition, your grass desperately needs moisture, but not all at once. Soil that is loose allows water to enter and drain effectively. 

When roots are able to grow deeper, it makes the entire lawn stronger and more resilient. Knowing when and how to properly perform lawn aeration can make the difference between a struggling lawn and a thriving one. 

OKC Lawn Spraying can provide lawn aeration during your grass’s growing season – when it has the ability to repair itself – in order to create a gorgeous lawn that you’ll be proud of!