Lawn Painting

Lawn Painting OKC

Ever wish your lawn could look green and beautiful in the late fall or depths of winter? It’s possible with OKC Lawn Spraying’s lawn painting services! We use industrial sprayers to apply a fine mist of special “paint” to lawns, making them appear alive and green, even if they are completely dormant. 

Customers often request an application of grass paint during drought, cold weather or due to a lawn disease that has resulted in dead, brown patches in their lawn. Lawn painting can do one of two things: 

  1. Enhance the appearance of a whole yard
  2. Cover a smaller area 

In either case, your yard will have a consistent appearance for several weeks with a professional lawn paint application. 

Ingredients of lawn paint include materials such as decayed plants and malleable clay or stone, so all of the products we use are safe for humans and animals, and they are biodegradable so once the paint wears off, there will be nothing left behind. 


Lawn Painting

In addition to an enhanced appearance, a thick coat of grass paint protects the soil and keeps the ground temperature more consistent. Many lawn paints also include fertilizers. Both of these factors promote growth of the painted grass. 

OKC Lawn Spraying guarantees that your lawn paint will last 2-3 months, so it’s a great idea if you are hosting a holiday event or wedding at your home, or for anyone who is sick and tired of looking out at a dead, brown lawn! 

Ideal conditions for lawn painting are outlined as follows: 

  • Thick grass will hold up to being sprayed better than thin grass, and the thicker the grass, the more natural it will look with a coat of lawn paint 
  • Have lawn painting done while the grass is dormant, as during a cold/dry spell. One application can get you through to the time that rain and/or warmer weather turn the grass green again naturally 


Professional Application

Lawn painting may seem like an easy job, but it’s definitely not something you should try yourself. 

You can find recipes for homemade lawn paint, but we would recommend that you steer clear of these at-home mixes. What they won’t tell you is that the magnesium in Epsom salt or too much fertilizer in hot weather can actually destroy your lawn. Testing the soil and knowing how the climate can affect your lawn painting project are key factors that homeowners tend to ignore – often with disastrous results. 

OKC Lawn Spraying and other professional lawn painting companies will charge by the square foot for this service, usually around 30-40 cents per square foot. It isn’t all that expensive relative to the cost of re-sodding or re-seeding your entire lawn because you burned it up on your own! 

And just one professional application may be enough to get you through to the time when your grass begins to turn green again on its own. 

Let OKC Lawn Spraying handle your lawn painting project for a beautiful green lawn even when the weather outside doesn’t cooperate!