A beautiful lawn can add a dimension of beauty and class to your property that’s evident to anyone who sees your home. It’s the finishing touch on any home, including new constructions, freshly renovated homes, and apartment buildings. Picture your home with a weed free, pest free lawn – and imagine the time and effort you can save by calling a pro to handle these tasks for you. 

OKC Lawn Spraying is the team to trust for a flawless lawn! Lawn spraying is fast, affordable, and effective. By scheduling regular services throughout the year, you can have the gorgeous lawn you’ve always dreamed of! 

If you want to protect your lawn from pest, fungi, and disease, the best way to do that is by trusting a professional lawn spraying team like OKC Lawn Spraying. We provide nothing but the best for our valued customers because we’re homeowners, too, and we know how rewarding and refreshing it is to have a perfectly manicured lawn all year long!

Lawn Spraying in Oklahoma City, OK

Lawn spraying is a generalized term for our business that includes a range of services. When you hear of a lawn spraying company, they may have a specialty in one or more areas, and there may be things that they don’t do at all. When you choose a lawn spraying company, make sure you have investigated thoroughly to be sure that the company has the ability to provide the services you want most!

Most of our services do include lawn spraying for various purposes. We can spray your yard to prevent or remove insects, and similarly, we can prevent plant diseases from destroying your grass or sod. Even if a problem has begun, OKC Lawn Spraying has the ability to stop plant diseases in their tracks. Lawn spraying can even include painting your grass to give it a green, healthy appearance, even in the dead of winter! 

Frequently, people refer to lawn spraying companies even if they mean mowing services. And that’s ok, because we provide those services as well! In addition, a lawn spraying company can provide fertilization and aeration services, leaf removal, landscaping and more! 

For consistently beautiful and healthy lawns, it takes year round care by a team that knows what they’re doing. When you think of lawn spraying and lawn care, we hope the most trusted, most experienced name in the business comes to mind: OKC Lawn Spraying! 

OKC Lawn Weed Control - weed control company in Oklahoma City

Lawn Care

Lawn care is more than just an occasional mowing. And besides, just mowing your grass when it gets out of hand isn’t the best thing for your lawn. Keeping a fresh, even lawn looks beautiful, but it is much easier to maintain than a raggedy one! 

Lawn care consists of assessing the needs of each yard on at any given time and responding in exactly the right way. Whether that’s lawn spraying, fertilizing or pest control. This can be broken down into two categories: 


– Maintaining your lawn is easy once all the testing and inspections have been done. Administering preventative lawn spraying services throughout the year is our specialty. And maintenance is usually less expensive that treatment, so stay on top of your yearly services, and you’ll thank yourself later! 


– When a problem arises – whether it’s fungus, pests, or something else – OKC Lawn Spraying jumps into action with the right services to nip any problem in the bud! The sooner you call us, the less extensive our services will need to be. 

Our customers deserve the most beautiful lawns, and that’s exactly what we can give them! Between preventative maintenance and fast-acting treatment of problems that threaten your lawn, we have the answers to all your lawn care issues!

OKC Lawn Insect Control - Lawn insect control company in Oklahoma City

Lawn Spraying Equipment

Doing a job right starts with the right equipment. Everyone knows that, but no one practices what they preach like OKC Lawn Spraying! We have state of the art equipment on hand to do any job that you need done. 

Cutting the grass is an American pastime, but many homeowners are simply too busy or don’t want to invest in a mower of their own. Others are not comfortable working with mowing equipment or no longer have the ability to do so. In any event, our lawn spraying and mowing services are available to all! 

Our equipment includes all of the following: 

  • Mowers
  • Sprayers
  • Edgers
  • Trimmers

All sizes and types of each piece of equipment are needed, because every yard is different. We come prepared with several different mowing, trimming and spraying devices plus backups and replacement parts. Failure to prepare on our part should never result in poor service! 

And, of course, to carry it all, we have the best work fleet and trailers available. Not only is our equipment reliable, but our trucks and trailers are, too. Hauling our equipment from one job to the next is serious business because we have to ensure that it remains safe and undamaged during the transport. 

It’s also reassuring to our clients when we arrive at a job in clean, undamaged, professional trucks. By maintaining our fleet and trailers, we provide an extra layer of customer services that is not immediately obvious, but almost always perceived. 

We inspect all our equipment and keep everything maintained so we’re always ready and able to give your lawn the care it needs. Oil changes and tune ups are done on time, and we also keep a check on the tires and paint, to maintain safety and professional appearances at the same time! 

OKC Commercial Lawn Spraying - commercial lawn spraying company in Oklahoma City

Make the Right Choice! 

Truthfully, just about anyone can start a lawn spraying company. We’re totally upfront with customers that it doesn’t take any special training or education to call yourself a lawn spraying professional. We want homeowners to make the right choice when it comes to their lawn care by taking all matters into consideration, whether they’re considering us or another team. 

When you know what to look for, it will become evident that OKC Lawn Spraying is dependable and qualified. 

So why choose us? As a longtime pro in this business, we’re going to make sure the job is done right. But you need concrete evidence that we’re the right fit. Here are a few of the reasons other local customers choose OKC Lawn Spraying: 

  • Licensed 

Not every lawn spraying company goes the extra mile to become licensed. While a license doesn’t guarantee that you know what you’re doing, it’s a professional step in the right direction! 

  • Insurance

Insurance protects our employees as well as our customers. If an accident occurs on your property, you will never be liable because we carry our own insurance as protection. 

  • Education 

Our employees are certified by local and national organizations so that they have the latest information on lawn spraying products, equipment, and techniques that can benefit our customers. 

  • Experience 

Training and experience go hand in hand. Having the experience to know what will work before you try it is invaluable in a service industry like ours! 

  • Reputation 

When in doubt, rely on a strong reputation. Ours is impeccable – a direct result of the care we put into each and every lawn service we take on. 

  • Guarantees 

OKC Lawn Spraying wants you to be happy, no matter what. That’s the motivation for our personal satisfaction guarantee! 

The best lawn care is available to you, starting immediately! Give OKC Lawn Spraying a call, and we can help you choose the affordable, effective lawn spraying and lawn care services that will best benefit your lawn! 

Insect Control

Whether it’s preventing insects from taking over or getting rid of an infestation, we can help!

Fungus and Disease Control

A plant disease or fungus can destroy your yard faster than you think. Protect your yard and act quickly when you see signs of disease!

Weed Control

Some people can’t stand to see weeds pop up in their yards, and we’ll attest to the opinion that they seem to grow faster than the grass around them!

Organic Lawn Spraying

If it’s important to a customer that only organic products are used, we can accommodate this request with ease.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating the ground will make your lawn spraying much more effective. Using the right tools will help your lawn, not destroy it!


Standing water is a problem for many reasons. Professional irrigation can help you maintain the right level of moisture in your yard at all times.

Landscaping Assistance

While we don’t provide professional landscaping services, we can certainly help you with design elements, maintenance, and selection of the perfect landscaping team.

Lawn Painting

If you can’t have a perfectly groomed and green lawn, lawn painting is always an option - and NO we don't use rollers and paint brushes!

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